There is more to working on someone's home than just what you do. Quality, cost and timeliness are only part of the job. How the customer feels they were treated is an equal part of the home renovation experience. The highest compliment a contractor can receive from a client is to be invited back to do additional work on their home. At RO, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have gotten invited to do just that from several of our customers. Here is a sampling of what they have to say:


November 2021

We are so pleased with the work and how well you and your team communicated. The attention to detail is pretty impressive, as well. We've done a number of renovations in the last few years, but nobody has come close to matching RO in both regards. Thank you very much!


July 2018

"Just a note about the studio at our place - you guys did a really great job with it.  Please pass along my compliments to the carpenter.  It's a great mix of quirky and utilitarian and he made great choices with all the details.  Cutting the window shutter was a great solution.  It has a lot of character!"


March 2018

"Thank you so much for the very good work that all your guys do.  Over the years we've enjoyed their professionalism and good humor."


April 2017

"Hi Jim, thanks for sending over the A team.  They did a great job... It all looks so nice.  Thanks again for sending such a great crew."


December 2015

"I have waited a year before sending this letter to insure that the work done on the house indeed made the house waterproof.  This November could not have been a better test on the quality of your work and it passed with flying colors.  In spite of very high winds and pounding rain, there were no leaks.

The same job was done about 10 years ago by an island contractor with a reputation for quality work.  Within a month, leaks developed and in spite of multiple calls were never successfully repaired.  I especially would like to commend the work done by Joe and Duane.  They could not have been more professional.

I would not hesitate recommending you as a contractor."

Bob and Carol

July 2015

"We love our new shower stall.  The final tile work, the door and glass panel, the fixtures all came together.  We did wonder if it would ever end!

We are grateful for your generous offer to tile the kitchen backsplash and stunned to see a reduction in our final payment.  We appreciate your attention to customer service.  Hope to work with you again."


June 2014

"Thanks for the great job with our deck - what an improvement!"

Island Realtor

June 2013

"Thank you for the time you spend working with my clients and their various needs & questions.  I truly appreciate it.  I am very grateful to you for your honesty and availability.  It is a pleasure working with you."

Island Real Estate Broker

July 2013

"I like how you deal with my clients, your efficient responses, how you make yourself available and your pricing is reasonable and does not gouge folks.  The clients I have referred you to also report back similar responses to me."

Maria and Rich

June 2013

"Once again, you and your great guys did a wonderful job for us.  I am still amazed that my gorgeous, new bathroom is there every day when I wake up.  It's too good to be true and I keep waiting for it to disappear!   See you for our next remodel!  THANK YOU SO MUCH."

The Vashon Household Word 2012 Annual Report

"The $40,000 rehab project only took a month to complete on schedule and right on the money.  A big thanks goes out to our island contractor Jim Schmidt and his crew at RO Enterprises for all their work."

John Koriath and Katherine True

Jim - "I just wanted to say thanks for the fine job you and your team are doing - very professional, fine work and friendly.  We appreciate it!"

Don Stuart

"Just thought you might like to know we had our framing inspection yesterday on the new garage at our house on Bates Road.  Your work passed with flying colors. 

Also, I had Victor Petrehus of Red Wire Electric do the wiring in the new garage.  (He came over a few weeks ago and also did some rewiring inside the house.)  Thought I'd also mention that we are entirely pleased with his work and with the cost.  He was great to work with and did a super job.  We greatly appreciate your referring us to him."

Jane Carew

"I don't know if I would have made it through without the guidance, knowledge of pro's and con's and honesty about cost and timelines. The difficult choices were made easier due to Jim's calm, straightforward approach. The timeframe was exactly what Jim said it would be."

Gary Gray & Laura Wishik

"My wife and I highly recommend Jim Schmidt and RO Enterprises for residential and remodel work. They respond promptly and are reachable by phone within a matter of hours; estimates of needed work and materials are detailed; time estimates are accurate and reliable; cost estimates are reliable and below local contractors; and most importantly, work is complete on schedule and with in budget."

Teresa and Shane Carew

"RO did a great job. They managed the project responsibly, cleaned up after themselves and were always very considerate of our time, our space, our budget and our well-being. Every single decision was thoughtfully made. RO did a fabulous job keeping the site clean and safe throughout the process. The project was completed in a timely manner. When Jim said he was going to be there, he was. He worked very hard to keep the project on track."

Emma Amiad

"Jim explained options when we discovered things we had not known before that could have added to the cost."

Robert and Caroline Redlich

"Jim made and later honored a cost estimates for each change, and we knew at any point in the project what additional expenses to expect. We requested a lot of changes after the project had started. It speaks for Jim's planning and scheduling skills that he was able to accommodate all changes and still managed to complete the project on the day he had originally agreed to."

Terry Engles

"I was very pleased with the work and perhaps of the greater importance, your communications with me throughout the project.  The pictures, Emails, ect., were very clear and concise."

Ronda Clark & Don Jalka

"We want to thank you for the great work you and your team did on the office remodel. We're so happy that we chose you to do the work for us. It was timely, high quality, workmanship, and we are very pleased.  Putting up the wall in the back office has worked out so well for us. We will have other projects in the future, but for now, we want to say a big Thank you."


April 2019

"Jim is a professional.  We are very happy with the significant concrete work he did for us.  He also followed up on our questions and issues in a timely manner.  His estimate and billing process was accurate and easy to understand.  Jim was flexible to our work changes and was easy to work with."

Patricia ..

September 2019

"Working with RO Enterprises on the construction of my tiny house was both successful and fun.  There were architectural plans to work from but when not feasible they came up with excellent solutions.  Turning a 200 SF workshop into an insulated, wired, plumbed, comfortable, light, attractive space, was done in an efficient, timely manner.  Attention to detail, and workmanship was excellent.  Communication was frequent and productive."

Liz ..

July 2019

"Jim and his crew have been professional, timely, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn't be happier with the results and the kind and considerate way they conducted themselves.  Jim helped me through a couple of considerations and the support was appreciated."

Helen ..

September 2019

"My project involved removing and replacing a roof that also serves as a deck. It had previously been done using inappropriate materials and had leaked for many years. I’ve endured many self appointed experts suggest fixes that -literally- didn’t hold water.
Jim, on the other hand, grasped the physics and engineering that needed to be addressed for this structure to work. He measured and assessed the house, let me know that one possible surface wouldn’t work because he took the time to work out the details of the threshold heights and the changes in the levels of the deck surface, however the membrane system was still an effective choice. The ultimate design was realistic, had adequate slope and and strength with the right materials for the job.
Every step was planned and communicated, the job was scheduled to start so that the weather sensitive steps could be completed at the optimal time. Work progressed steadily and was completed in a timely manner.
I appreciate the professionalism of all the RO crew. They were friendly and respectful, communication was clear and when anything came up relevant to the job it was relayed to Jim, who promptly explained it to me.
The few things that came up outside the scope of the bid were explained, and restricted to what was necessary to properly complete the job.

It has been a relief to see a professional team handle this job. The design, project management, quality of workmanship and clear communication made RO the right choice when I had so much on the line."

Matt ..

March 2020

"As I stand on the front porch or the back deck, as I come home and the headlights hit the house, even as I let Bax out the back door and step out to watch him, I think, how did this happen, how did I come to have this lovely new home?

The front, double, Dutch-style doors open out to a wonderful roofed deck. The irregular polygon shaped deck allows for the odd angles of the house and fans out to a large usable space to the right as you step out. The porch roof is a work of art. Using little more than the siding boards, a beautiful, slightly Japanese feeling, all perfect.

RO Construction, https://ro-enterprises.com/  has done a marvelous job. The guys listened to what I wanted and came up with creative solutions to my requests. We found the experience enjoyable and stress-free."


July 2020

Thank you so much for all your hard work in light of extraordinary circumstances (Covid). We are delighted with the results of our remodeled kitchen and master bath and will enjoy it for years to come thanks to you and your team. I appreciate the professionalism which you brought to the job and loved the pictures you sent to keep us up-to-date on the progress.

Janice M.

October 2021

(Written to designer, Judith Neary): Many thanks for your excellent consultation and turning me over to Jim (Schmidt). He was great!